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Q+A Challenge Levels

Challenge Levels are less a gage of age-appropriate learning than they are a measure of exposure to religious knowledge of the Catholic tradition that varies widely from person to person.

Level 1
Level 1
– Q+A written for the youngest readers, beginning learners, new Catholics and those who want to refresh faith knowledge. Level 1 is a great place for everyone to start!

Level 2
Level 2
– If you have conquered Level 1, you may be ready for Level 2! May require up to 5th grade reading skills.

Level 3
Level 3
– Ready to move up again? Level 3 may require up to 8th grade reading skills. Dive into Church History at Level 3.

Level 4
Level 4
– Members who play at Level 4 are ready to go pro! May require high school reading skills. Perfect for Catholic high school and college students!

Q+A Knowledge Categories

Our Knowledge Categories align to major National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) Assessment of Catechesis/Religious Education (ACRE) domains and other micro-themes. Some Q+A may be found in more than one place when those questions fit more than one category or theme.

  • About God
  • Revelation & Faith
  • About Church
  • Church History
  • Liturgy & Sacraments
    • Sacred Songs
  • Morality & Catholic Social Teaching
  • Spirituality & Prayer
  • Lives of the Saints
    • The Virgin Mary
  • Old Testament
    • Stories from the Pentateuch (first five books)
    • Judges, Prophets and Kings
    • Psalms, Proverbs and Wisdom
  • New Testament
    • Gospels
    • Epistles and Other NT Writings
  • Random