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Membership FAQs

What is a User Name?
Your User Name is also referred to as your login name and is the name that identifies each member of as a registered account holder or a member of a classroom.

What is a Game Name?
Your first name is also your Game Name used for identification purposes during game play.

How can I purchase a membership as a gift for someone?
The e-Gift Card Membership is valid for a one-year membership to and is the perfect gift for any occasion. Learn More.

What is a Site License?
A Site License is a customized membership agreement for a school, parish, diocese or other youth educational entity. It provides full access to for teachers and students – in school or at home – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a full year. Learn More.

Can I login automatically?
Members login by entering their User Name and Password on the login screen. Find the link in the upper right corner of the homepage. If you forget your User Name and /or Password, you can click the "Forgot Password?" feature on the login screen and the site will automatically send a copy of the forgotten codes to the account email address.

Students who belong to through a Teacher Membership or Site License can login as described above. After entering their User Name and Password, they are prompted to add their teacher's last name as an additional identifier.


What does it mean to be church approved?
Church approval means that the content has been reviewed by a designated censor of the Church and found to be free of doctrinal or moral error. It is then identified as suitable for printing and use in religious education. Content found on this site has either received approval or is in the process of review. Q+A receive the following approvals:
Imprimatur – Latin term meaning "let it be printed;" indicating that permission has been granted by the Church to publish this work, and Nihil Obstat - a Latin term meaning “nothing hinders�? indicating that the work has been carefully reviewed and checked for doctrinal or moral error; a prerequisite for receiving the Imprimatur.

What are Knowledge Categories and Micro-themes?
Knowledge Categories are major themes aligned to ACRE Domains that organize Q+A by category. Micro-themes are sub-themes to the 10 major Knowledge Categories and are useful for sorting Q+A into more specialized areas of knowledge.

What are ACRE Domains?
ACRE Domains are major themes identified by the National Catholic Educational Association Assessment of Catechesis/Religious Education used for organizing religious education content and assessing knowledge.

What primary sources are used to develop the Q+A?
Several sources are used to develop questions, however, many of the questions are referenced to two primary sources – the New American Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Catechism is the official publication of the Catholic Church that offers teachings on beliefs, sacraments, morality and prayer. Published officially in English in 1994, this is the first revision of the Catechism since the 16th century ( Also used as a reference source is Wikipedia (, JClub (, SQPN ( and American Catholic (

What are the Challenge Levels and which one is right for me?

Level 1 – Q+A written especially for the youngest readers, beginning learners, new Catholics. Start here and prepare to move up!
Level 2 – Q+A that may require up to 5th grade reading skills
Level 3 – Q+A that may require up to 8th grade reading skills
Level 4 – Q+A that may require high school reading skills

What if I notice an error?
If you notice an error of any kind, please let us know, and we will look into it immediately. Contact us at

Can I print the Q+A?
This site or any portion of it may not be reproduced, distributed, duplicated, republished, copied, sold, resold or otherwise exploited without our expressed written consent. To do so is a violation of copyright. Exception: CatholicQuiz of the Week is available for download and print with permissions (as marked).

Website Features FAQs

Is there a quick way to understand the features available on the site?
Yes. Keep reading here for a quick and easy glossary of terms.

Build-A-Quiz – a feature of the Teacher Membership that allows teacher-written Q+A to be loaded onto a game platform and stored on a membership account

Challenge - a feature of the all membership types; Challenge allows for friendly competition between Individual members (CQ Challenge), Families (Family Challenge) and Classrooms (Classroom Challenge). Select the Challenge button on your MyCQ page to learn more.

Chester the Church Mouse – the mascot for

Classroom Scorekeeper – a feature of the Teacher Membership and Site License; the Classroom Scorekeeper tracks and stores CQ-IQ scores for up to 35 students

Community News – up-to-date news source available on your MyCQ page; visit regularly and be the first to know all the news of the community

CQ-IQ – the official point system – earn points for games played and questions answered correctly

Certificate of Achievement – a record of game play and scores, posted at the end of each game to document players, Knowledge Categories, Challenge Levels, time and total scores

Family Nights Online – downloadable newsletter featuring suggestions for family night/small group activities that include games, discussion and more

Family Scorekeeper – a feature of the Family Membership, the Scorekeeper tracks and stores CQ-IQ scores for up to 8 members of a family

MyCQ – where members hang out while on the site; password protected portal used to access all membership features, find Community News, etc.

Personal Scorekeeper – a feature of the Individual Membership, the Scorekeeper tracks and stores CQ-IQ points

Quizzle – specialized game that develops a particular theme and prepares members for passage to a new level of faith experience; Quizzle Me First Holy Communion, Quizzle Me Confirmation and Quizzle Me Too! for young readers

Teacher Bulletin Board – a feature of Teacher Memberships and Site Licenses where teachers and catechists can connect with colleagues from near and far to share information and ideas

Teacher (Personal) Scorekeeper – a feature of the Teacher Membership, the Scorekeeper tracks and stores CQ-IQ points for the teacher

Technical FAQS

How should I set-up my computer to optimize the site? has been designed for optimum viewing with the following monitor configuration: 1024x768 or higher resolution.

Additionally, the site has been tested to perform best with the following browsers:

For Mac: Safari 3+, Firefox 3+, Netscape 9, Opera 9+, Chrome
For PC: Firefox 3+, IE 7, IE 8, Chrome, Opera 9+, Edge
For Handhelds: iPhone

If you use an earlier edition of any of these browsers, we strongly recommend upgrading your browser software. You may find the following links to be helpful:

Why is there no sound?
Any game that can include music files from Sacred Songs (Sacred Songs, Quizzle Me First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Race the Clock, Open Wide the Gates and Survival) will play with sound. If you cannot hear the music file, first check your speakers to make sure they are on.

Why doesn’t my back button work when I use the click-to-view references?
The click-to-view reference opens in a new browser window. To continue play, simply close the browser window of the reference material.




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