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Membership Options

Feature Individual
Click to Add
Click to Add
Click to Add
Click to Add
Database of Q+A 7,500 and growing!
and growing!
yes yes yes
Official Church Approval
on Thousands of Q+A
yes yes yes yes
Spanish Q+A yes yes yes yes
Choose from 4 Challenge
yes yes yes yes
10 Knowledge Categories yes yes yes yes
Access to All Games yes yes yes yes
Accessible from Handheld
Devices (non-Flash games)
yes yes yes yes
Click-to-View References yes yes yes yes
Single Player and
Multiplayer Options
yes yes yes yes
CQ-IQ Personal Scorekeeper yes no yes(teacher only) yes(MyScore)
CQ-IQ Classroom
(up to 35 names)
no no yes yes(GroupScore)
CQ-IQ Family Scorekeeper
(up to 8 names)
no yes no no
Challenge Feature yes yes yes yes
(Teacher-developed Q+A)
no no yes no
Teacher Bulletin Board no no yes no
24/7 Access yes yes yes yes
Certificate of Achievement yes yes yes yes

Site License

$1 per student based on total verified enrollment ($50 minimum)
Consider a site license with to enable your Catholic school or parish religious education program to provide 12 months of membership 24/7 at for all teachers, catechists and students.

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